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Specialist advisory service in Managing Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the world of work

  • Specialist investigators and chairpersons to manage Sexual Harassment and discrimination matters.
  • Policy and Procedure review and reconceptualizing Sexual Harassment in the word of work.
  • Practical understanding and implementation of all relevant Code of Good Practice and Employment Law related to Harassment
  • Facilitating Interactive awareness workshops

1. Internal dispute resolution.

  • Complaint investigations and advice
  • Group dynamics investigations
  • Consensus building and Intergroup conflict Mediation
  • Internal Company Disciplinary, Capacity and Grievance Hearings
  • Independent panel of specialist chairpersons
  • Case management and quality control.
  • Case data analysis

2. Employment Equity facilitation and  Diversity management

  • Strategic renewal           
  • Reviewing and developing integrated business EE and diversity management strategy
  • Sustaining the role and responsibilities of EE Consultative Forums
  • Understanding the amendments to the EEA and its regulations
  • Qualitative and Quantitate Diversity Management Audits
  • Practical Skills Workshop in Managing Multiversity, Developing People towards performance.

3. Mobile and E- learning solutions: 

the practical, country specific guide to assist Managers and Human Capital practitioners, in making informed employment relations decisions, taking practical compliant actions. The ERGuide is the anywhere, anytime guide to sound employee relations via mobile or any other internet enabled device.

The  Aequitas ERGuide provides an easy to find information functionality, it demonstrates skills, step by step and links users to key laws and documents.  “Checklist”, “Read More”, “Links” and “Word search" functionality directs users to visual guides and template documents on employment relations processes such as managing discipline and dismissals, preparing for hearings and handling strikes.  “Video Guide” demonstrate model examples on “how to chair hearings” and “how to present evidence at hearings and tribunals”, issuing warnings, managing performance, grievances, sexual harassment cases.

What makes the Aequitas ERGuide so unique?

– The content is widely accessible and easy to follow.
– It is comprehensive, accurate and demystifies Employment Law!
– The content is modularized in logical employment flow, from onboarding to offboarding and managing disputes, grievances and strikes through to external tribunals.

Key benefits and features

Cost effective empowering support to a broad group of managers across geographies.

Customized policies and procedures and electronic administration.

Empowers managers to action and record procedures through web-based connection e.g. issuing and recording of warnings.

The Aequitas ERGuide is supported by a convenient e-learning Skills training platform for continuous and future up-skilling.

Monitors Business data through content use.

The ERGuide provides a direct Link to company and other Labour Law information documents.

Internal business communication to users via mobile.

Licensed users can access the user-friendly content over the internet from their computers and even access and download that content on a mobile device for later use or offline viewing.

Statistical reporting can be provided of which sections in the guides attract the most interest.

The Mobile learning guide

Guide 1 – Employment law principles
Guide 2 – Corrective discipline and dismissals
Guide 3 – Initiating and presenting allegations at a disciplinary hearing
Guide 4 – Chairing disciplinary hearings
Guide 5 – Managing incapacity: poor performance, ill health / injury
Guide 6 – Managing sexual harassment
Guide 7 – Employment relations for human capital
Guide 8 – Managing operational requirements
Guide 9 – Labour law updates
Guide 10 – Managing diversity and employment equity
Guide 11 – Customised company specific guide

4. The ER Mobile Process

 The ER Mobile Process – Empowers managers to action and record employee relations procedures through web-based connection such as issuing and recording disciplinary warnings, poor performance management or notice to attend disciplinary hearings anywhere, anytime on mobile and other internet enabled devices.

The ER Mobile Process easy “Action It” functionality enable users to issue company specific documents supported by immediate guiding checklists. Drop down menus provides template wording.  All actions are automatically recorded. Full Records are available. 

 The ER Mobile Process is cloud-based.
What makes the ER Mobile Process so unique? 

 The process is mobile accessible and easy to implement.

It is company specific, accurate and enable real time effectiveness. 

 Key benefits and features

Cost effective empowering mobile support to management across geographies.

Customised templates and electronic administration.

Empowers managers to action and record procedures through web-based connection e.g. issuing and recording of warnings.

Monitors employment relations data.

 The Mobile process is priced on a user-based model. 

5. Consulting Advisory Support

  • 24/7 Advisory support in managing individual cases through specialist knowledge sharing as well as process consulting.
  • Advisory support in Operational Requirements procedures
  • Collective Bargaining and Collective Agreements.
  • Strike management support.

6. Upskilling and Learning  Facilitation

Skills Facilitation:  Highly interactive one or two-day workshops are consistently rated by learners and one of the “most valuable career experiences” using our ERGuideonline Mobile information.